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About Egypt

Land Area

1.002 Million km²

The area of the Arab Republic of Egypt is about 1,002,000 square kilometers. The inhabited area is 78,990 square kilometers (7.8% of the total area).
National Flag National Flag
Tribes and groups used flags as symbols in wars and battles long ago. With the development of human consciousness and the existence of nations, the flag became the state's symbol which is highly respected.
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Geographical Location الموقع الجغرافي
Egypt is located in the northeast of Africa with an Asian extension in the Sinai Peninsula. It's bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Sudan in the South, the Red Sea in the East and Libya in the West.
National Anthem
The national anthem is a true reflection of the patriotic sentiments and the communities' cultures.
O my Homeland, my love and my heart are yours. Egypt, O mother of all lands, You are all I aspire and cherish. And for all peoples, your Nile has given countless graces.
National Anthem History

National Currency

Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Named "Egyptian Pound" after the "English Sterling" (later named Pound Sterling), the Egyptian currency is the oldest in the region.
Time Zone
Egypt is located in the east of GMT that includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and the Sudan with 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT+2 ).
Cairo (+2)
Country Code
Egypt's country code is (+20).